The Many Benefits Of Massage

Exercise Physio Treatment: 3 Ways Deep Tissue Massage Can Help Injured Athletes

If you are an athlete, there are a great many injuries that you could suffer. These require exercise physio treatment. It ensures that you are back to form quickly. These include massage, joint mobilisation, muscle stretching, Neurodynamics and joint manipulation, among others. Although a sports massage doesn't seem like much, there is a lot it can do for your injuries. Here are three ways deep tissue massage can help an athlete. 

1. Better Recovery Time 

If you have a sports injury, you will experience inflammation. This inflammation is what causes you pain. Deep tissue sports massage enhances circulation to the affected areas. Better blood circulation will reduce inflammation. Lower inflammation means you will feel less pain. When you are dealing with physical pain, your muscles are tense. If you get a massage, you reduce this tension. 

Deep tissue massage helps prevent future injuries. That is because deep tissue massage will enhance flexibility. You have a more excellent range of motion. Better range of motion means a lower likelihood of injury.

2. Enhanced Tissue Permeability 

A deep tissue massage makes your body tissues more receptive to nutrients. Nutrients and essential fluids can get through to your injured muscles quickly. Enhanced permeability means that your body can promptly remove waste products. These include lactic acid, which builds up in the tissues during exercise. Oxygen and other nutrients quickly get into the injured muscles. You will recover very rapidly. It also helps blood vessels dilate, making circulation faster. This permeability will still benefit you after you heal. With nutrients getting into your muscles more quickly, you have more energy during workouts and competition.

3. Psychological Benefits 

Injuries during sports sometimes occur because you lost focus. If you are distracted during a sports competition, there is a high chance you could get injured. When your mind is elsewhere, your coordination suffers. After an injury, you may lose confidence or fear reinjury. That will lower your focus and concentration even further. Getting a deep tissue sports massage will help you be more relaxed. It will reduce stress, anxiety and tension. In this relaxed state, your stress hormone levels are lower. You will be able to focus better during your next sports competition.

Getting a massage has both physical and mental benefits. If you are injured, ask your physiotherapists to include deep tissue sports massage in your exercise physio treatment plan.